Holiday Deadlines


Product Standard shipping Express shipping Overnight shipping
Shirts and hoodies 13-Dec 14-Dec 16-Dec
All-over print clothing 13-Dec 14-Dec 16-Dec
Other products  13-Dec 14-Dec 16-Dec
Embroidered hats 13-Dec 14-Dec 16-Dec
Mugs 15-Dec 16-Dec 18-Dec


Product Standard shipping Express shipping
Shirts and hoodies 4-Dec 15-Dec
All-over print clothing 2-Dec 13-Dec
Other products  2-Dec 13-Dec
Embroidered hats 4-Dec 15-Dec
Mugs 5-Dec 16-Dec



Standard Shipping
Product Canada / Japan / Europe  Australia / New Zealand Rest of the world
Shirts and hoodies 5-Dec 3-Dec 2-Dec
All-over print clothing 5-Dec 3-Dec 2-Dec
Other products  5-Dec 3-Dec 2-Dec
Embroidered hats 5-Dec 3-Dec 2-Dec
Mugs 6-Dec 4-Dec 3-Dec
Express Shipping
Product Worldwide
Shirts and hoodies 12-Dec
All-over print clothing 12-Dec
Other products  12-Dec
Embroidered hats 12-Dec
Mugs 13-Dec